About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2001 and formalized in 2004, The Hope Factory is powered by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Our Vision

To play an active role in economic transformation in South Africa through advancing the sustainable growth of entrepreneurial Black businesses.

Our Mission

To foster a greater entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa through holistic mentorship and business development services; facilitating access to funding and new markets; and by positively influencing corporate and government policies towards the growth of small Black businesses.

What we do

We offer a flagship ESD Programme and a SED Programme as well as Customised ESD Projects.

The Programmes effectively cover 3 main areas of development namely:

  • Personal (Leadership Development)
  • Business Skills Mastery
  • Financial Skills Excellence
  • These impactful programmes offer development for both registered and non-registered businesses.

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