Earn socio economic development points

The Hope Factory offers an SED programme for potential entrepreneurs where companies investing money can receive Socio-Economic Development points.

Click here for our contact details should you wish to make an SED contribution to The Hope Factory.

According to the B-BBEE scorecard, companies wanting to qualify for SED points need to take note of the following criteria:

Companies QSE:
Turnover > R10 million
and < than R50 million
Turnover > R50 million
Maximum points
potential that can be
earned through
investing with
The Hope Factory
5 5
NPAT to be invested to
earn maximum points
1% 1%

By the time of your rating, your verification agency will need to confirm the following supporting evidence summarized in the table below.

Area being validated Supporting Evidence
Proof that payment has been made and that the funds were used to the benefit of black South Africans Letter of thanks from The Hope Factory
Proof of race of beneficiaries Independent person's report from a legitimate third party confirming race of beneficiaries

In the month of your financial year end, The Hope Factory will provide you with evidence pertaining to the above, and this final pack that will be sent to you will be all you will need to give to your verification agency to claim your SED points.


Does The Hope Factory have a minimum contribution?

There is currently no minimum contribution amount for SED.

Are The Hope Factory beneficiaries 100% Black?

Yes, and we will supply you with an Independent Competent Person's (ICP) letter confirming this.